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Customer Commitment

At Hill Burn our customer is your customer. The customer is always at the forefront of everything we do from the moment we receive the claim. Priority is given to making them fully aware of the process they will go through with their claim. The customer will be kept fully updated throughout the life cycle of their claim, whether this is through our own internal procedures or once the works are being handled by one of our Approved Contractors. The customer will never be left not knowing what will happen next and when. Take a look at some of the comments made by satisfied customers who have dealt with us previously over the years.

Our vision is based on the need to provide an open and honest claims handling procedure where the needs of the customer are put first and not caught up in our own internal processes. We are also well aware of the need to reduce costs, reduce claim cycle times which we hope in turn, will improve customer retention. We do not want to be the biggest, but we do want to be the best.

We invest heavily in our staff and their training as it is through them that we will achieve our goals. We invest in our Approved Contractors who represent ourselves and our principals. They too have our understanding of what is required and as a result, assist in the retention of business for us all. Let us assist you.

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